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Update from PowerPoint 2016 to PowerPoint 2019? There are several new features that facilitate the creation of professional-looking presentations and videos and their presentation with style and elegance.

You may see some Microsoft documentation that says that the features described in this article are only available to Office 365 subscribers, but that the warning is outdated and does not apply to Office 2019.

Morphing: Your animation simulator

Morph is a new transition option that helps designers create smooth transition effects between two slides that make it appear that individual objects are animated. For example, you can grow or shrink objects between slides, or change their positions. The key to using this feature is to have two consecutive slides that are very similar to each other. The Morph transition makes the changes between the slides as if the different elements were moving or resizing due to an animation effect.

To better understand this feature of PowerPoint 2019, try the following experiment:

  1. Start a new presentation.
  2. Set the layout of the slide to Blank (Home → Layout → Blank). Use a blank design for this experiment to prevent placeholders from getting in your way.
  3. Draw a shape in the lower left corner of the slide (Insert → Shapes) using the Shapes tool. This image shows an example in the shape of a star and places it in the lower left corner of the slide.
  4. In the navigation pane, right-click on the slide and choose Duplicate Slide.
  5. Select the copy in the navigation pane, and then drag the shape to the upper right corner of the slide.
  6. Drag a corner selection handle on the shape to resize it (larger or smaller, of your choice).
  7. In the navigation pane, select Transitions → Morph. Apply the Morph transition to the second slide.
  8. (Optional) Preview the presentation in the slide show view (Slide show → From the beginning).

Here is a video that Microsoft has created that illustrates the process.

PowerPoint 2013 and earlier cannot reproduce Morph transitions; instead it replaces a fade transition. Some earlier versions of PowerPoint 2016 (Version 1511 and earlier) can only reproduce Morph transitions, but cannot create them. If you exchange files with people who use earlier versions of PowerPoint, consider this possible compatibility issue.

Visual summary of a presentation with zoom

Not all presentations are linear, flowing from slide 1 to slide 2, to slide 3, and so on. Sometimes you might want a presentation that looks more like a mall directory, in which you click on an area or an image to enlarge it. That is the basic idea behind the Zoom function. You can create a summary slide (probably at the beginning) that contains thumbnails of other slides. You can then click on any of the thumbnails to jump to that slide.

There are three types of zoom that you can configure. Summary zoom summarizes the entire presentation on a single summary slide. Slide zoom includes only the selected slides before issuing the command. Section zoom shows a single section.

Try the following steps to experiment with the zoom function of PowerPoint 2019.

  1. Open a presentation that contains several slides.
  2. The Insert Summary Zoom dialog box opens The Insert Summary Zoom dialog box opens.
  3. Click to check the box for each of the slides you want to include and then click Insert. PowerPoint creates a Summary Section (as you can see in the navigation pane) and a summary slide. The title placeholder is empty; You can add your own title. Add a title if you wish.
  4. To test the zoom effect, choose Slide show → From the current slide to display the summary slide in the Slide show view. Then click on any thumbnail to see the Zoom effect that will take you to that slide.

A text highlighter

PowerPoint 2019 introduces the Featured Text Color tool that Microsoft Word has had for several versions now. Find it on the Home tab, in the Source group. To highlight the text, select the Highlighter tool and drag it through the text. To deactivate the Highlighter, press Esc or click the arrow next to the Highlight Text Color button and select No Color.

Better fund removal

The Remove Background function works smarter than ever. Now it automatically detects the background of an image. And the pencil to mark the areas to be removed or maintained can now draw free shapes, not just straight lines.

Try it with these steps:

  1. For best results, choose one in which there is a foreground image, such as an animal, a person or an object, and a background.
  2. Insert a photo and then display the Image Tools Format tab.
  3. Select Image Tools Format → Remove Background. The Remove Background tab appears. If you have used this function before, you may notice that the entire background is automatically masked by default. There is not that annoying bounding box that I used to have to drag to define the background area. Adjust it only if necessary.
  4. Note that it is now a freeform drawing tool; You no longer have to try to contour a curved area with small straight lines.
  5. When finished, select Save changes to see the results of the background removal.

A new optional recording tab

If you record a lot in PowerPoint, you may want to enable the new feature of PowerPoint 2019 which is the Recording tab (File → Options → → Customize Tape). From here you can capture a screenshot or a screen recording, record the slide show, insert audio and video for automatic playback, or save the presentation as a show or video.

A PowerPoint presentation is like a normal PowerPoint presentation, except that it opens in the slide show view by default.

Other things

Here are some additional new features that you will enjoy in PowerPoint 2019:

Higher export resolution

When exporting a presentation as a video, 4K resolution is now available as an option.

Recordable Inking

Along with audio narration recording, you can now also record digital inking gestures. Inking in general has also been improved and improved, as mentioned in the article What’s new in Office 2019?

Use the digital pen to advance the slide show

If you use a Bluetooth-compatible digital pen with your device, such as the Surface Pen 4, you can use the pen’s remote control (erase button) to advance a slide show in the Slide Show view.

New types of graphics

All new types of charts in Excel 2019 are also available in PowerPoint. See the article Features of Excel 2019: What’s new for examples of new types of charts.


Information Source: https://www.dummies.com/software/microsoft-office/powerpoint/whats-new-in-powerpoint-2019/


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