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We are always in the search of optimizing the efforts we carry out daily, in order to make it more enjoyable and have more free time. Scheduling posts on Instagram is one of those tasks that if we can optimize, will make us have free time to create other strategies that make us have more followers.

In the particular case of the social network Instagram, you can rely on external services tools to schedule publications, achieving proper automation. And although there is a great variety of them, your best options will be those that offer to publish, without the need for final confirmations.

Why go to external services when programming Instagram posts?

Programming content on Instagram is not a simple task. The reason derives in that the programmers of the application have been somewhat aggressive with their API, not allowing to perform the much-desired task natively and restricting the intervention of third parties to achieve that task.

Commonly, you will find services that will allow you to schedule your publications to some extent, but they will need your confirmation to complete the process. Although these methods speed up the work somewhat, they are not very useful if for some reason you are unable to make that approval.

It is at this point that those tools that use Instagram tricks to publish, taking the trouble to do that last check, take on real value.

Tools to schedule posts on Instagram

We will take a short tour of the best applications to schedule free Instagram posts and others that are for Premium programming.


SocialGest for Instagram is one of the best free applications to automate your content directly. You just have to register on your server by creating an account and synchronize your Instagram profile.

Its interface is very intuitive, with the add icon the affiliation of your account will be very simple. Define the date and time of the publication in which you wish to post and take advantage of the suggestions received from the application to find out the best time to publish.

You can also schedule stories on Instagram. Remember to set the multimedia material to an aspect ratio of 9:16.


Through OnlyPult you can schedule Instagram posts from the PC in a few minutes. This application was designed for those business and professional drivers who use multi-accounts, which allows greater management convenience.

Explore your full potential in your first 7 days trial. Among its advantages we have:

  • Edit and filter for photos
  • Display publication calendar
  • Analytics Reports
  • Schedule stories for Instagram
  • Assign access to publish from multiple accounts
  • Sign up for OnlyPult
  • Sked Social (old Schedugram)

Very popular tool to program post on Instagram. It is very versatile to be used with several accounts and the multiprogramming function.

Its interface is very light because it is dedicated exclusively to the social network Instagram. It allows you to plan the content in the Feed before publishing and has its own image editor. Post to Instagram from Dropbox or from the PC.

As a disadvantage, it is an application that offers only 7 days trial. But it is enough time to see if it is worth paying for their services.


Hootsuite will allow you to schedule posts on multiple social networks including, obviously, Instagram. Although it offers you the advantage of managing up to 3 accounts from its free version, it has the disadvantage in the need to receive your confirmation to publish.

You can do your programming from the Smartphone or computer. You are not at risk of banning your accounts, because Hootsuite is an official application to schedule Instagram posts.

It also has an analytical record and statistics report that are extremely useful when deciding the type of content to post.


A tool that makes a big difference from the rest, as it is an app for programming Instagram posts fully developed for mobile devices. What stands out is its simplicity when managing publications.

Prepare the photo with your editing tools, apply the desired filters, set the date of publication and voila.

The free edition lets you make one publication per day, but if you opt for the Premium account, you will enjoy all its splendor.

Facebook Creator Studio

Programming Instagram from Facebook has become a reality thanks to a new feature that will allow you to make your posts natively, although you must have certain necessary requirements.

When you start the Facebook Creator Studio session through your Facebook account, it will allow you to link your Instagram account (business profile). Of course, you must assign the permissions to Facebook so that you have access to your account.

For security purposes, you can change the privacy settings to limit Facebook administrators’ access to your Instagram account.


Finally, I present this free application to schedule posts on Instagram. With it you will have the possibility to post content easily from your computer or mobile device.

The free version offers the functionality of publishing in carousel mode. If you opt for the Premium version, you can also program stories and videos. Model your Feed from the application itself and publish it automatically.



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