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A common way to find a job in Thailand is through the recommendations of friends, relatives, and colleagues. Such mutual recommendation is generally difficult for migrants to use, but they can get it by becoming a member of one of the many social networking groups upon their arrival in Thailand.

Online expatriate forums can help you provide some information and advice about Thailand’s job market. To make contact with people working in Thailand, you can check out common social networking sites like LinkedIn and Xing. Ask questions and share your experience with other job seekers in forums.

If you want to work in Thailand for a long period, you can take Thailand Elite Visas for getting the best facilities. Thai recruitment agencies are present in major cities and are available on the Internet. They usually work with large companies and have an excellent overview of the current economic situation. Additionally, they can advise you with information about the job market, job application, how to behave in interviews, etc.

It may be known that agencies always charge for their services – either from you or from the company you will work for. An applicant who already has a specific idea of where he wants to work/work is not available. can apply directly to these companies.

One of the most effective ways to live in Thailand is to be a freelancer. You can do activities from your home or do better than peer space. Since your activity is not in Thailand, it is legal.

A great way to voluntarily meet locals and experience the culture and traditions of Thailand. Many organizations around the world volunteer work on projects such as community development, conservation, wildlife sanctuary maintenance and development, scientific research, and education programs.

Although Thai companies prefer to appoint locals in professional areas such as accounting, engineering, and law, multinational corporations transfer employees with specialist skills.

Bangkok has various international companies specializing in IT and electronics, a network of professional services, and the oil and gas industry.

When you’re in Thailand, the most effective way to get a job is to ask you. However, most Thai employers, who are subject to hefty fines if illegally hired, will not offer a job to a foreigner who does not have a valid Thai work permit.

Work in a trendy club or restaurant and a temporary job like any work “on black” will never qualify you for a work permit. In addition, such informal employment can often lead to exploitative working conditions. If they catch you, they can impose heavy fines or deport you from Thailand.


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