Converting voice into text has been one of the most interesting feats that has been invented. And you don’t need to spend so much time transcribing what a voice, video or recording note says. Now you can write very easily, and best of all, the programs that make this possible are totally free.

The time has gone when you spent hours transcribing an audio in text. In fact, the programs are useful for several languages, which enhances the value of this functionality. Here, I will introduce you to the best tools to convert voice file to text.

How to convert voice recordings to text?

In the classes it is usual to take notes, also if you do an interview, among many other situations. In cases like the previous ones, the recording option is very useful, however, sometimes some details are lost, so having it in writing becomes a necessity.

Now, you don’t need to write everything you’ve recorded, you can pass that audio into text, thanks to several free applications to convert voice into text. In fact, some of them do not even need to be installed.

But, there are a couple of details to consider, that is, although these programs are very easy to use, it is vital that you review the final text before, because, although the program has understanding for several languages, the truth is that sometimes its transcription will be a robotized thing and certainly you miss the wrong words.

This happens because sometimes the recording is not very clear. Also, some programs have difficulty understanding proper names, so it is much better to review everything.

Best programs to convert voice recordings into text


This program works perfectly with Chrome. To be able to use it you don’t need to install it because you can do it online. On its homepage you will see the variety of languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat transcribe without problem, including Spanish.

Dictation is very popular, because it is very simple to use, in fact, you just have to press the microphone button and record what you want, then what you said will be transcribed. A highlight is that you can use it on both the computer and any mobile device.

You can also transcribe videos. The server is very stable, fast and comfortable. You can place it as an extension in Chrome. One aspect you have to take into account is the fact that it has some difficulties in detecting the pauses, although it is one of the most complete tools, you should review the final text.

Speech Notes

This tool deserves a place in the list because its appearance is very clean and easy to use, it also works with Chrome. You have several options available to fix the text, such as punctuation marks.

You also have a useful option for sending, saving, printing and etc. An additional bonus is that, if you constantly turn to the Online transcriber, then your Mobile App will be very useful.


This Online application is very intuitive, and the use of punctuation marks is quite good. Although it has its own transcription page, once you have finished the writing process, you can copy and paste it into the Word document. It is an easy way to transcribe audio in word text. It has 12 languages and Spanish is one among them.


This tool is especially effective in cases where your audio is in a very marked language such as Arabic or Japanese. It has several highlights, first of all, it is very easy to use, it can detect several voices, so that you will distinguish it in your transcript, if necessary. You can upload your audio file and then the recording will be written totally free.


If you have used tools of audio transcription that have difficulties with pauses, then Speechlogger is the best free option you can choose. It is in Spanish and is very effective with timestamps, proper names and even numbers. Even, some people use it to transcribe film subtitles. It is true that at the end you should make a general revision of the text, even so, the mistakes you will get will be very few.

Text from to Speech

If you usually transcribe recordings, this tool may become your favorite. It allows you to make modifications in real time. That means, you can place the audio that you are interested in transcribing, and at a time, if you want, you can pause and apply the scores, signs and etc.

In addition to correcting a bad word, at the end of the recording, you will found the text completely clean and ready to copy, send, print, etc.

You can use it online and it has no application to install. Additionally, the platform is light, friendly, so that your texts will be ready in a short time.

Google voice recognition

I have applied this tool. It has almost the same characteristics as the ones I have explained to you before. That is, it has a panel that gives you the option to place some scores. It is very easy to use, totally free, however, it has a feature that makes it one of the most interesting programs. In addition to transcribing your recordings, it offers you the option of converting texts to audio.

Therefore, if you are looking for a free program that offers you several options, without a doubt Online Voice Recognition is one of the options you should try. You can save the transcribed file in Word or in mp3 format. In addition, on the same page you will get several options for saving and sending which allows the process to be very simple and easy to do.


In this modern era, writing as we know it is heading for total change. Therefore, enjoy the benefits of technology. These programs or tools are very useful, it saves us a great deal of time in writing. It is expected that in the coming years the number of programs will grow and their options will be even more interesting.


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