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In today’s digital world, it is not only monetary loss that can worry you when losing a mobile device, but data loss is more problematic for anyone. If you’ve ever lost your mobile phone, like me, or if you have a habit of forgetting or missing your phone, you should get a location tracking application.

That said, whatever the reason you are looking for a solution for Family Locator, you are in the right place. In this article, I will talk about the best applications to track lost or stolen Android devices. Let’s start locating a mobile phone!

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Life360 is an all-in-one location tracking application that helps you track the location of your lost phones or tablets. It also allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, thanks to its location sharing feature.

You can create groups, add people to them and monitor their location on a private map that is only visible to group members. It also allows you to view the location history of all group members. Also, when you lose a device, you can track its location by entering its website.

Compared to other tracking applications, Life360 offers a range of security features. For example, call an ambulance and send notifications to emergency contacts in case you detect an accident. Sounds so characteristic, right?


  • Present a group chat to facilitate communication between members.
  • It supports sending real-time alerts about the location of other logins.
  • Drive Care connects with a representative in case of emergencies.
  • It offers safety functions such as accident detection and roadside assistance.


  • The free plan allows you to place only 2 alerts and gives a 2-day location history.
  • The free plan loses features such as crime reports, emergency response, etc.
  • It has no support for the factory lock or reset of a lost device, unlike others.

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is one of the most effective location applications. It allows you to locate or track a lost device and perform the necessary actions on it, including the factory reset of the device to safeguard your personal data.

You can locate your lost device by ringing the phone if you lose it , for example, in your home. You can also display messages on the phone, for example, the contact number of the person who finds it. In case the phone is lost or stolen, it comes with features that allow you to lock the phone and erase its contents.

Find My Device also displays a list of interior maps of places such as airports, shopping centers, stadiums and other large buildings, which makes searching easier.

  • Protect your privacy by allowing you to erase the contents of the device.
  • It comes free without additional features or in-app purchases.
  • Show interior and exterior maps, such as Google Maps.
  • Available only for Android, unlike Life360 and some other applications.
  • There is no group chat or group location tracking features.

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