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Jane Austen’s 1815 novel gets her nth adaptation as a photographer and music video for De Wilde’s opera prima. Taylor-Joy plays the nosy Emma Woodhouse, obsessed with the search for a partner on behalf of her best friend Harriet (gothic), while neglecting her own perfect happiness.

Portrait of a lady on fire

Céline Sciamma’s favorite in Cannes is a story of forbidden love, slow and sensual, between an 18th-century painter (Merlant) and his muse (Haenel) on an isolated island in Brittany. News from the festival circuit says it is as thoughtful as intoxicating.

Brahms: The Boy 2

Another year, another creepy doll horror sequel – Brahms: The Boy 2 follows the 2016 original in which the mystery was well explained. It is difficult to see how it will work then, but it seems to imply that another family moves to Brahms’ house, happily oblivious to the secret that the public already knows. Soon they will find out.

Calm down with the horses

In darker rural Ireland, former boxer Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong has become the dreaded thug of the Devers family, engaged in drug trafficking, while trying to be a good father for his five-year-old autistic son, Jack. Divided between these two families, Arm’s loyalty is tested when asked to kill for the first time.

Military wives

Based on the true story of the Military Wives Choir, which goes back to its humble beginnings to a global movement with thousands of members, Military Wives presents a set that makes music for a change. Thomas and Horgan direct the original group of reluctant singers who come together while their husbands are serving in Afghanistan.


Pixar goes to high fantasy, presenting a modern and suburban world inhabited by elves, unicorns, and dragons in the Forward. This is the background to the story of two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who embark on a quest to help them accept their father’s death.

The invisible man

The Invisible Man, which was once part of a new series of films about the shared universe for the classic monsters of the Universal, now arrives apparently as an independent film. The story focuses on Moss, whose “suicide” of her ex-boyfriend turns out not to be everything she seemed. As a Blumhouse project and as Whannell’s follow-up to the excellent Upgrade, the pedigree is promising.


Three generations face an experience that changes their lives during a single day, particularly tense, of their holidays in Portugal, in the last of them in Sachs. Expect a thorny relationship drama directed by Isabelle Huppert, among the breathtaking views of dense gardens and fairytale villas.


Here is a new: scientific history of the comic. Specifically, it is based on a graphic novel by Lauren Redniss and imagines the events surrounding Marie Curie’s pioneering research on radioactivity.

A quiet place: Part II

Krasinski redirects but does not star in, the sequel to A Quiet Place, offering more adventures in a world that has been invaded by deadly creatures very sensitive to noise, which means that surviving humans are forced to live in silence, communicating with sign language. Nothing is known yet about the details of the plot, but hopefully, they will introduce us to new survivors and learn a little more about the origins of the aliens.


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