History and Chelsea studio
Our history from 1964 to the present
System 12
Design Notes
The compact desk: System 12, 1969-74
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Episodes 12 to 16
Uploaded 26 September
A Range
The A Range desks: 1964-69
The Last Desk
A 1966 A Range mixer is now being restored. Follow progress here
The last Sound Techniques desk is now being used in a Paris studio!
Notes and videos on transformers, grounding and other techie stuff
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Geoff Frost's History
I wish this was me today!
September 2013. Not a good time! What with both production problems and personal health issues I'm afraid that the new strips will be on hold for the time being. Geoff Frost
Gallery of HD photos
Contact me & notes page
You can now email me direct and I'll do my best to answer any (sensible!) questions you might have. I appologise to all of you who have contacted me and been ignored! Please try again.
I shall continue to update the site, please bear with me whilst I get the links right.
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